Work Your Home Based Business In The Green

Having a home based business comes with a lot of benefits.  Benefits like having a short commute to work.  My commute is just steps away to my basement office which means I don’t have to drive to work every day.  Being able to walk to work means reducing the amount of vehicle emissions that are produced.  But working from home can increase your home energy usage, giving you larger energy bills.

Working From Home Has It's Advantages

Working From Home Has It's Advantages

Today’s post is for all of the home based business owners.  With a little thought and effort you can work from home in the green.  The best part is that not only are you helping the environment but you also will save money on your energy bills.  Make your business an environmentally friendly business.  The number one thing you can do as a home based business owner is to choose your office equipment wisely.

When buying your office equipment – computers, fax machine, printers, monitors, etc. look for the ENERGY STAR emblem.  Energy Star office equipment uses 50-90% less energy than the standard versions. 

In addition to the energy savings, some Energy Star office equipment can reduce electromagnetic field emissions (that come from computer monitors).

Besides buying more eco friendly home office products, there are some other things that you can do to reduce your energy consumption.  Here are some energy saving tips that you can use in your home office:

  • Unplug any office equipment that doesn’t have to be on all the time.  If the device is turned off but remains plugged in, it still uses power. 
  • Avoid leaving unused items on “standby” mode.  For example, leaving your computer printer on “standby” uses power just waiting for you to print something.
  • If you go on break, (yes even home based workers get a break from time to time) turn off your computer monitor.  Avoid using screen savers because they use the same amount of energy as normal computer use.
  • If you are leaving your desk for more than an hour, manually turn off your  computer.  If you don’t want to turn your computer off completly, at least put it in sleep mode.
  • When working at night, consider using task lighting instead of using room lights.
  • Set our thermostat to a comfortable level.  Using a programmable thermostat can help you save money.
  • If possible, set up your home office where you can use the natural light coming in as apposed to turning on the lights.

By using these tips, you not only help the environment and reduce carbon emissions, you also save yourself some money on energy bills.   The next time you go to work in your home office, think about what you can do work in the green.