Organic Food – It’s Not Just Good For YOU!

I prefer to eat organic food whenever possible.  I think that it tastes better and I don’t have to worry about how many chemicals I am putting into my body.  But eating organic food isn’t just good for you it’s also good for the environment.

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What Are the Environmental Benefits From Organic Foods?

By Sarmaad Amin 

The environment is one of the many reasons why people buy organic foods. They want to do their part so that they can cut down on environmental pollution. Conventional foods allow the use of herbicides, pesticides, and other synthetic materials that aren’t good for our water supplies or the air we breathe. It isn’t just humans that are affected either because animals that live in the bodies of water out there can be harmed.

The soil can be depleted of valuable nutrients when too many chemicals are used. This is a problem because that is going to affect the ability for other elements to properly grow there later on. When the soil is used to grow organic foods though it is actually ending up richer in nutrients afterward than before. This is due to the use of materials including compost for the fertilizer instead of any chemicals.

Experts have proven that organic foods consume less energy to get them processed. They also don’t contribute to waste as much in the form of packaging either. Many believe that conventional products have the entire residue removed from them when they are delivered to the stores. However, there is still plenty of it that will remain even after you wash them. So you are buying fresh fruits and vegetables to be healthy and then taking such toxins into your body.

With the process of organic food growth, less petroleum is used for it. This is a type of fossil fuel that once it is gone we can’t replace it. Saving such resources is something we need to do. When we can get great food to grow without it then we are moving in the right direction. Less water is used for it as well and the water supplies won’t be polluted by a variety of toxins.

With conventional farming many insects and animals are killed due to the consumption of pesticides. Even though they are bothering the crops those animals do have their place out there. Some of them end up developing a high tolerance for it as well. That means more extreme types of pesticides have to be used in the future in order to kill them. Organic foods give us a way to get a break from such a problem that only continues to compound itself.

When it comes to the organic raising of animals for meat and for eggs, there are positive impacts as well. These animals are raised in environments that are clean, stress free, and they have plenty of fresh air as well as room to roam. They aren’t given hormones or steroids to help them grow or to get leaner meat from them. As a result they taste better and those types of hormones and chemicals aren’t passed on to the humans that consume those types of organic products.

Many people do like the taste of organic cream, milk, and yogurt. This is all due to the way in which the cows are raised. They are fed organic foods themselves which further adds to their overall level of health.

Showing respect for the Earth is something that everyone on it needs to do. However, most of us have to admit that we don’t do all we can. The modern conveniences in life that we have sometimes take a harsh toll on the world. Leaving it a better place for our children and future generations should be a priority though. Perhaps growing and consuming organic foods is one what that we can start to see some positive movements in this direction.

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