Make Our Planet a Cleaner and Better Place

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Renewable energy access is greater for homeowners who have extra land to devote to harnessing it. Many people make a handsome secondary or primary income by simply doing this. Standard Renewable power was formed in 2006 to provide consumers with solutions to make energy efficiency technologies and renewable energy easy to use.

Standard provides a comprehensive energy solution for residential and commercial customers with a presence in four states throughout the country: Texas, Colorado, Florida and Oklahoma. Standard Green Energy’s products are technology and vendor agnostic. Take solar energy. Everyone is exposed to it. We use it every day. Everyone can use solar as a practical energy source as well as save energy by controlling it to meet our needs.

Surprisingly, tapping solar energy probably requires the least investment of any renewable energy source and it doesn’t require installing semiconductors on the roof. It requires opening and closing wind blinds, shades, curtains or shutters to let sunlight in when we need it and keep it out when we don’t. As energy prices continue to rise, more and more home and business owners are turning to renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to have greater control over their energy use, people want to be more proactive in their energy choices, but many haven’t had a resource that offers them easy alternatives. With this new funding, Standard will continue to expand its customer reach throughout its current markets in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, as well as pursue plans for expansion into six additional states within the next 12 months.

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