How Green Is Your Diet

Many of us may think about the food we put into our bodies by how calories it has, how good it tastes, or how good it is for us but do you ever think about how eco friendly your diet is?  Here is a new article to help you eat green.

Go Green With An Eco Friendly Diet

By Acline Wyle

Following an eco friendly diet is a very easy way to go green, and possibly even lose weight. The most important aspects of a green diet are energy efficiency and health. As a result, an eco friendly diet will not only make you healthier, but it will also help you save money.

Green Up Your Diet

One way to go green with your diet is by eating organic, natural, and whole foods. Such food products are harvested and produced without the use of pesticides which harm the environment and create pollution. Pesticide-free food is also good for your diet because the chemicals that are used can be harmful and dangerous.

You can also make your diet more eco friendly by purchasing food from local farmers’ markets, or any other type of local marketplace. This is important to do because as food is delivered across the country and throughout the world, a lot of emissions are released into the atmosphere and pollution becomes an even bigger problem. Also, locally grown products are generally healthier and more affordable.

Another suggestion is to buy foods with minimal packaging. Food products that are heavily packaged are not very energy efficient because more packaging equals more processing that is done in the factory.

You can also green up your diet by buying seasonal foods because when something is in season, it is fresher and less processed. For example, if you buy strawberries in winter, chances are they were shipped from another country and treated with pesticides and other chemicals in order to maintain freshness. Therefore, seasonal foods are more eco friendly and healthier for you.

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