Environmentally Safe Options To Rid Your Home Of Pests

Safe Pest Control

Safe Pest Control

I have to tell you that I really HATE bugs.  I am actually afraid of spiders.  When my husband is out of town and a spider shows up at the house I have to do some serious breathing techniques in order to deal with getting rid of the pest.   But I also don’t like using harmful chemicals in my home as pest control.  On my quest for safer pest control options, I came across this article from Ezine Articles.  I know I will be asking my pest control company some serious questions before they come again. 

Did you know that there were organic options for pest control?

Protect Your Home – Respect the Environment

By Mark Pappalardo

A simple idea – Effectively protect your home and family from unwanted pests and the diseases they carry, without the use of chemicals. Organic pest control programs are environmentally safe options for you and your family.

In an constant effort to protect the earth’s natural resources, and to minimize environmental damages, some pest control companies have introduced organic programs. These programs reduce risks to the environment by selecting materials that cause the least amount of harm to the environment during both usage and disposal. They also ensure the health and direct safety of the companies team members by promoting safe work practices, reducing exposure, using safe technologies, and implementing effective emergency preparedness programs. In addition to health and safety, team members are trained in a variety of ways through environmental safety training programs to make smart work and practice decisions to support of these principles.

All programs should adhere to the USDA’s National Organic Program regulations by using products created with botanical oils gathered from plants. Plant oil blends used as active ingredients won’t buildup in the environment. Eco-friendly and composed of natural ingredients, these compounds are biodegradable and help maintain a sustainable and healthy environment. Additionally, Eco-friendly products have no adverse impact on birds or fish and will not contaminate water sources.

Also look for companies who are a member of the EPA’s Pesticide Stewardship Program. Understanding the importance of Integrated Pest Management helps clients understand its benefits. As environmental sustainability becomes more of a worldwide priority, pest control companies will continue to stress the importance of utilizing pest control methods that are both effective and environmentally responsible.

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