LiveLifeGreen.com is a blog by me, Amy Howard, and it is primarily about how I came to be conscious of the environment.

Who Is Amy Howard?

I’ve always loved the outdoors, but I never put much thought into making sure that the things that I did weren’t having a negative impact on the planet.

I first started to take notice when I got involved with a network marketing company that produces a pill that helps people increase their gas mileage in their vehicles.  One of the side effects of the pill is that it also reduces vehicle emissions by at least 75%.  I got to thinking that if a little pill could do all of that, what could I do to reduce my carbon footprint?

A Blog Is Born

So, LiveLifeGreen.com is born.  I thought for a while about the best way to connect with others so that I could share the things that I have learned was to use a blog to share my ideas.

I have to confess that I am not an expert on the matters of the environment, but I do know that if we (by we, I mean humans) don’t do something to change what is taking place on our planet, we are going to have some serious issues later on.  Okay, maybe it won’t happen in my lifetime, but future generations may not like what we leave behind environmentally.

I hope that you enjoy the content that will be available on LiveLifeGreen.com. I plan on adding articles frequently so that I can share what I learn about saving the environment with others.  I hope that you will also share your ideas in the comments section when you have them.  I would love to get all of the help that I can.